Bull Terrier x Boxer x French Bulldog X Boxer X Staffie

DOB - 14/09/18

Big Mac - yummmyyyy, isnt he just delicious.

Our outgoing brindle boy is a bull terrier x amstaff x boxer x frenchie bulldog mix also known as super mutt. Big Mac is the mischievous one of the group, loves playing tug a war and chasing balls and cool objects. He also is the snuggliest one he just lovesssss snuggles and belly rubs too they his fave, he lay there for agessss.

He loved playing with his brother and sister and also loves wrestling with his big foster brother a bull terrier and annoying his older foster sister who will play with him when she see’s fit.

Big Mac is looking for a tolerable lady to show him the ropes and play with alllllll day. Until its nap time at least.

Big Mac can follow a few basic commands like Sit, Wait and Drop. His leash manners are ok but still working on those as well as his toilet training.

His diet is currently savourlife puppy dry food with Raw for Paws fresh meats x2 daily.

Big Mac has had his 3 puppy vaccines and must be booked in with rescue for desex, at 6 months of age. If you would like to make an enquiry about Big Mac please complete the paperwork below and we contact you as soon as we possibly can.

** Please note that completion and submission of application form does not guarantee adoption. Applications will be assessed by the team and a short list created before meet and greets are organised.