After deciding to foster a bull terrier from NSWBTR, we were lucky enough to be given Bolt to take care of. He settled in straight away - always happy for a cuddle on the beanbag or in front of the fire at the in-laws.

Although he's sometimes hesitant to hand over the ball, Bolt loves a good game of fetch or frisbee. Like any good bully, he also loves his food and learnt pretty early on that if he sits patiently just outside the kitchen he gets thrown scraps and nearly always catches them first go! (His favourites veggies are carrot and zucchini.) It must be all the veggie training, as he has taken some stunning catches in backyard cricket!!

We don't know much about Bolt's former life prior to rescue, but it's obvious he hasn't been socialised a lot, so it takes constant work to keep him calm when other pups are around. But after recently watching a toddler attempt to shove crackers in his mouth, poke him in the eyes and tug on his ears while he stood statue still, we know we can trust him around people and that's why we foster failed and adopted the big smooch!! Five months into fostering Bolt we decided we couldn't have any other dog, so now he's stuck with us!

Thanks to the NSWBTR fambully for their tireless efforts in giving these dogs a second chance and the support network they have developed to share stories and learn together. We dread the day we lose our Boltmeister, but we won't hesitate to foster/adopt a bully through them again. If you decide to foster or adopt, you're in safe paws with these beautiful bullies and their carers! xx