Buddy was released to us from a Sydney pound with some major health issues. 

Buddy was taken into care early under duty of care from the pound and was assessed by a local vet. The team here at rescue were advised that the cost of treatment would likely be in the thousands to start to treat his ailments and that we should strongly think and consider that the funds should be spent elsewhere. 

We didn't agree and sought a second opinion from one of our trusted rescue vets where we were given hope and Buddy was given a chance. 

Buddy has bacterial infections in his eyes and ears, growths in his ears, teeth that are rotted, severe arthritis along with years and years of neglect and poor diet.

He is heartbroken and depressed.

We have sought the advice from our nutritionist at www.innerwolf.com.au as to what we can do to help him recover and Steph has put him on some supplements and a specific raw diet.

With Buddy's vet bills to be in thousands and him needing some specialised items we are asking for anyone to sponsor Buddy some of the products and support he needs.