Frankie (M) 7 yrs

My names Frankie and i was born on the 18th dec 2010 so my birthday is coming up and I'll be the big 7

I was rescued from hawkesbury pound underweight, and couldn't hear a thing due to both ears being infected so badly.

Ive been living with my mum, sister (dog) and brother (dog).

Some days i love to play tug o war with my sister but some days i get jealous and protective of my mum as I want her all to myself.

Im a beautiful boy with manners. I sit for my food, LOVEEEEE cuddles and affection, love a belly rub and love my baths.

Mum says im a good boy but Im quiet special with some things.

*I really want a home where i can be #1 and only #1 .

* I Loveeee my food and I like to be left alone to eat. When mum makes me sit and pats my head, she puts my food down and she goes inside and i enjoy my meal alone.

* I would prefer a home with no young kids and someone with bully experience would be best for me.

* I get jealous over silly things. I love to play with my sister but have been known to get jealous and bite her and chase her when mum has pat me and she comes over.

* I love my baths. I will stand in the shower and closes my eyes and love the scrubbing and being dried.

* Im very protective with my family. I love them so much.

* The only time i bark is when the chooks a few doors down cluck . Apart from that I dont bark and I LOVE TO LAY IN THE SUN .

Im very clever. If mum has a blanket on the ground for me and i get cold i pull it up and tuck myself in so im noice and warm.

I love my crate. Mum leaves the door of it open in the laundry and i go to bed in my nice padded crate. I snore and mum thinks its cute

Ive also been to the beach and mum has to hold me in the water as im not the best of swimmers haha. I more love playing in the sand and doing my own thing.

My mum loves me so much but she thinks I will love my own home and family that I dont have to share with anyone else.

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