Grumpy (M) 5yrs

Don’t let his name fool you, he is anything but Grumpy.

Grumpy is a happy and loving 5 year old miniature bull terrier who is very playful and likes to play and run around with his humans. Otherwise he is more than content to just chill in the backyard during the day and have long naps in the sunshine. He is either super energetic or super lazy there is no in between.

He is best suited to a home with no small children or other dogs and would love a family who will be able to spend time with him. He does need training on the leash, he will walk but he gets bored with it and sits half way though. So short walks will best suit this boy.

Grumpy is a beautiful boy looking for a beautiful family, if you would like to enquire about grumpy please complete the application below.