Ivy (F) - 5yrs

Heeeellooooo potential fam-bully! My name is Miss Ivy but you may call me Ivy.

I am 5yrs young but everyone tells me i look much younger but i have led a rather spoilt and well-cared for life.

I weigh only 16kg and i am a mini-bull terrier. I might be mini in size but i haves the biggest heart, i promise!

 I love people and other doggies are okay. I used to live with a weimaraner, rottweiler and a tiny jack russel. I am selectively dominant with some doggies but that's because i am the queen and i should be bowed down to!

I would like to go to a home where i don't have to share your love with other fur-babies (i can live with another calm dog if i have to) and i suppose i will allow your older children for me to play with but not pesky little ones, in the past have taunted me. So i like the bigger, older variety of children. 

I'm not destructive, i don't dig and i don't chew things... i don't even bark unless i can hear people and i most definitely don't bark at night, after all a girl needs her beauty sleep!

I needs a new home so if you would like to know more about me please fill out the form below!