Wilbour (M) - 7yrs

Hello, my name is Wilbour. I am a 7yr old pedigree pupper and I need a new home.

My fummy (foster mummy) says I am a good boy and very loving. I don't want to share my new home with children, I want to be the only one for your smooches and snuggles on the couch. 

I would prefer an experienced bully owner, but not essential just one that will laugh at my silly bully ways. I don't like those bath things but will happily walk into the shower with fummy when asked. I am crate trained. I am not aggressive toward other puppers but I do like to be the boss and I don't like to share my toys which is why I need to be your one and only fur child.

Fummy is still trying to work out my dietary needs as I do tend to get quite itchy on certain foods. At the moment iam on a turkey diet only and it is working really well, no itchies.

If you would like to know more about our boy Wilbour please fill out the form below!