Bruce Willis

"Yippee-ki-yay, mother...." Oooooooo, my new mummy and daddy says i can't say that word!

Bruce is our 6th Bully. Not counting one set of puppies. We love the breed so much and when our last boy "Angus the third" passed on at the young age of 11.5 years our house was empty :(

Me and my wife Trici do not have any children so the bullies are our kids and we treasure and spoil them as every bully should be. We couldn't go thru the sadness & emptiness for too long without having a bully here so we came across NSWBTR on our search for another bully fulfilment in our life. What a better way than to rescue and adopt a bully in need and to love cherish and give it a second chance in life.
Bruce Willis Entered and the rest was history <3