Chopper (M) - 7yrs approx.

Chopper or choppy as we like to call him came to us by way of Blacktown pound. He didn't like the pound food and lost a lot of weight during his incarceration, so when he came into our care we sent him to fat camp with one of our most experienced foster familys', where he has flourished. 

Chopper is rather deaf but does not let this stop him from living and loving life. He loves playing ball and destroying balls :)

Master Chopper is definitely a bit eccentric! Haha. He has one speed - full speed. He loves to play outside and run so he will occupy himself fairly easily while you do your thing.

He gets on okay with other dogs but gets protective of food with other dogs or even the possibility of food, so we recommend no treats during socialisation or play dates. He also has a tendency to get anxious with things he doesn't understand, like most dogs.

Being very hard of hearing, he seems to have learnt in the past that he can get things from barking; his foster parents are working on this and he's learning some basic manners too. He's coming along leaps and bounds learning new things all the time.

He bonds very closely to one member of the family but doesn't seem very interested in kids. Choppy likes a cuddle but not for long, he's off again!

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Rehoming number R251000061

The images below demonstrate Chopper's journey; from a skinny unwanted poundie, to a beautiful strong bully boy!