Yoyo (cleo) is a 6yo female with a tall/solid build. She is eager to please, and can get quite excited & boisterous but she really adores her owners. She responds well to a firm & understanding leader. She has an existing injury to her back hind area which results in her not able to do long walks or too much play. Yoyo doesn't need a large yard as she just wants to be close to her family. She is an indoor/outdoor dog (while not at home) she is crated trained & prefers
to sleep inside in her crate as there are things that go bump in the night out there and its scary!
She walks well on a lead but will benefit from further professional training as she does
have some issues with strangers & other unfamiliar dogs.
The ideal home for yoyo would be calm & happy with no young kids or other pets and
not much coming or goings. Exceptions would be a cat that is used to dogs & would
be kept separate and an older large calm dog that has no desire to interact with her.
Cleo is a very sweet girl but can be scared of new men/strangers & will react with intimidation
which makes her a good guard dog.
If you would like to know more about dear little Cleo please complete the adoptions forms below and
a member of rescue will contact you as soon as possible.

Rehoming number R251000061