Delilah (F) - 4yrs

Hey there, my name's Delilah and i am currently on the central coast, not quite the city.

I'm looking for my new forever family, i hope you're not 1000 miles away but i will run to you.

I hope my new fur mummy tells me i'm pretty, yes i do.

No other bully will shine as bright as me, i swear it's true!


Hey there, my name's Delilah and i need a home where it's just me and you! 

Older kids are great, no other pets just me and you!

I may need a little time to adjust to my new home, but i will protect you!


Hey there, my name's Delilah and i will sit and shake for a treat,

I like to take car rides and take up your whole back seat, yes i do!

Hey new fur-mummy, don't you worry about the distance, my rescue angels will get me to you, yes they will!

I do get anxious when you go away

but give me some stimulating chews and i am okay!

If i pull when you take me for walkies please be patient

and eventually i will stay adjacent, to your knee, yes i will.

Pick me and i will be right there if you get lonely, give my profile another look,
close your eyes; picture me in your home, on your bed, outside your bathroom door.... I'll always be by your side, yes i willllll.

Oh, it's what you can do for me, be my human slaaaave, oh pretty pleeease! Oh woah, oh...