Echo (F) - 20months


Hello! My name is Echo, and I am the most adorable, affectionate, playful dog around!

Quick Facts about me:

  • Breed: Bull Terrier
  • Gender: Desexed Female
  • Age: 14 months
  • Size: 20kg
  • Good with adults.
  •  Dogs: Non dominant, yes.
  • Cats: Yes but she can annoy them too much.
  • Kids: Adolescent, younger with supervision.

From Echo's family

History: We have had Echo since she was 12 weeks old. We rescued her from an environment that was not optimal. Personality Echo is very affectionate. She is happiest when playing or just snuggling with you.

She loves playing fetch, going to the beach, playing tug-of-war. Her energy level is very high. Echo will bounce with excitement when you talk to her and play with her. She smiles when she gets pats and cuddles. Her favourite game is fetch, although she may not always give the item back, she thinks it's funny to make you chase her.

Echo is happiest when she is with you, whether playing, just sitting or snuggling. She just wants to be with you. She will lay on you, beside you, as long as she is with you, she is happy. She will happily sleep on her own bed in your room through the night but she will ask to come into bed in the early morning for snoozes and snuggles.

Echo is very responsive to tidbit training. She will sit-up for Smackos, she loooves Smackos! She loves going for walks on the lead but does get sidetracked by all of the wonderful smells in the world. Echo can be stubborn but will respond to a firm voice, consistancy and Smackos.

Cohabitation: Echo is friendly with people and kids as long as she is with you and she understands the people she is meeting aren't a threat to you. Echo loves playing with other dogs, as long as they are not dominant of her or aggressive.

Favorite Activities: Some of her favourite things are; cuddling, chasing balls, going for walks, pats, running, jumping, snuggles, Smackos, ear rubs, more cuddles and more running.

Why I am looking for a new home? Our home is a very busy one. We have 7 adults and 1 toddler, along with 5 other dogs and a cat. It all seems too much for Echo at times. The toddler stresses her sometimes and although 4 of our other dogs and the cat tolerate Echo, they have a hard time coping with her energy levels, her favourite is our English Staffy girl who is the same age. Echo could share a home with a calm male, close to her age.

We feel it is in Echo's best interest to be in a home that is calmer and not quite so crowded.

Medical: Echo is totally blind in her right eye. Our vet has assured us this is a birth defect affecting her third eye-lid. She is 100% fit and healthy beyond this.

Summary: Echo is the most amazing girl, she is vibrant, energetic, silly and lovable. She is both protective and loyal, with more love to give than any other dog I have ever known. Echo needs someone or a family, who is willing to spend a lot of time with her, she has never been left alone, having either our company or our other dogs for company. She will need boundaries and rules but mostly, love. Echo will melt your heart.