Frank (M) - 10 months

Hiya my name is Frank and i am a playful young pup at just 10 months of age.

My wonderful foster mum is teaching me my commands but i have already mastered 'sit' especially when you have a treat for me. I am also learning the word 'no'  and if you tell me 'gentle' i will take my treat softly.

I loves my dinner but i will sit like a good boy and wait for you to say the magic word 'ok' before i proceed to eat.

I am dog-friendly but because i am still a puppy i do plays a bit rough so i need someone of equal character or a tolerant playmate. I am currently living with another older male.

My absolute fav thing is cuddles, oh and collecting things. My foster mum says i'm a hoarder but i'm just keeping them safe for her :) i take balls and teddy's back to bed with me for safe-keeping.

I like to sleep in the laundry but i am becoming more adventurous now and sleeping in new spots around the house.

I likes the kidlets, i be living with a 5 and 6yo. We play outside and colour on the floor, well they colour in and i sleep next to them.

I am toilet trained and i have picked up a neat trick or two; i close doors after myself so i am the perfect fambully member and i have also learnt to open them.

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