Frankie (F) - 4yrs

Miss Frankie is your one of a kind dog that lives for kisses and cuddles but is fine when left alone to her own devices. She is somewhat of a princess who enjoys the simple things in life; love and a sunny place to snooze.

Frankie loves playing dress ups with her 5yo human foster sister; she is dog-friendly and is currently in foster care with two other large breed dogs (1 male and 1 female). She loves going to the dog park and meeting new friends. We think it would be best she not be homed with smaller dogs and pocket pets.

Frankie doesn't like to share her food and our vet estimated her age at approximately 4 years old. She has come into our care a little over weight but her foster carer's are working hard to correct this. She is crate trained, good on the lead and whilst she does know her basic commands it's just up to her if she chooses to follow them (like all bull terriers).

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