Gideon (M) - 3yrs (and 2 months)

Master Gideon came to us by way of Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, a wonderful shelter! 

He loves hoomans and loves all the attention and cuddles. He's very active and would love to be walked once a day as he doesn't have a lot of interest in toys. He does jump up, but never enough to knock you, he's actually pretty gentle when he jumps up, just trying to get your attention.

He's a little clumsy on his feet, which makes him so much cuter! He's got a great attitude and such a loving nature. He's a dominate male and is currently being fostered with another bully (submissive male) and we recommend slow introductions for other dogs his own size (not tested with smaller fluffies).

To date we have not tested him with kids but every adult he's met he's all smiles and just wants pats.

Gideon is gentle when he takes food from you and you can remove bones/treats from him with no issue (just a sad look from him). He's a jumper but just to peak inside the house more so than trying to escape but a good fence would be ideal as he can spring on the spot really high! He's great on the lead and has good basic skills like 'sit'. We are currently working on his dinner time manners as he does like to scoff his food, so we are making him 'sit' and wait for dinner.

Gideon has a lot of love to give so if you think he could be your perfect bully please fill out the form below for further details!