Halle F - 3yrs


My name is Halle a.k.a Halle bum a.k.a bum bum. Apparently I stunk like bum (foster mum used another word for it though) when I came to her. I liked being smelly but I do get more cuddles smelling fresh.

I just turned 3yo, my birthday is 8/01/2016. I am 1 of the 110 Gladstone bullies. I am also small in stature (15kg) but have the biggest heart.

Foster mum had hoped to keep me but my foster brother (4yo male bully) doesn't like me as much as I like him. He won't even cuddle me, which I would very much like a companion to help me through my recovery. I gain confidence from other doggies, and I like to play and romp and boy do I love bully runs and toys. Foster mum gives me so many toys oh and treat filled kongs. Foster mum says I act like a puppy, but this is my first time being a puppy. I have learned to play with balls and love my pool.

Things I have learnt

I have been with my foster mum since Christmas eve. In this time I learned to answer to my name and all variations, well when I feel like answering that is hehe sometimes I pretend I can't hear her, but mostly I come when called. I learned ear and neck scratches are heaven, that cuddles are nice (on my own terms of course), that inside is where we relax, oooh I like watching tv with the family and I have learnt to nap in a bed that isn't confined to a crate but still need my crate to sleep in at night.

I jump up for attention but when mum turns her body and puts her arms across her chest I stop jumping and wait patiently for my pat.

I drink often on command because foster mum was worried i wasn't drinking enough in the heat, sometimes I have just one lick so she doesn’t harass me plus she gives me home made ice blocks made from blended berries and yoghurt in the heat to keep my fluids up. 

I've learnt the command 'hop in bed' I like to sleep in my crate at night so foster mum takes me out for a final bathroom break at about 10pm and then I settle in my crate for the night. It's where I feel safest. (Halle as gone from not wanting to leave her crate at all to being out of the crate but inside hanging out with the family for a whole 7hrs)

Foster mum says I'm particular about my bed, I like a certain style of bed, all others have mysteriously exploded and I have no idea how hehe.

What foster mum says about me

Where to start... my beautiful foster girl has the most sweet temperament. It will take awhile for her to trust you, she will likely gravitate to the females in the house. Men are new to her. She is a gentle and sensitive soul and needs a patient and loving home to help her recover. It's mid the beginning of March and in this short time I have seen her go from a scared little girl hiding in a corner for days on end to a playful girl. Before when she got scared Halle would shut down for upto 2 days, now if she is spooked it only takes a couple of hours or less... sometimes she gets over it immediately with some gentle coaxing. Loud noises scare her but she usually recovers quite quickly and its soon forgotten. We had no dramas with thunderstorms or fireworks throughout the holiday season but she had my boy to reassure her and he isn't sensitive to those types of things.

Halle Bum lives life vertically, once she is comfortable in your home she a bouncy and happy little girl. She jumps and spins in the air, all four paws are hardly ever on the ground. It’s the most beautiful thing to see in comparison to the scared girl that came to me who just wanted to hide in a crate.

Halle is timid, she shied from pats initially but now rather likes them. She greets me with wagging tail when I get home from work, or come to wake her up in the morning. She loves her nightly facial, she has sores on her nose that are going away thanks to our nightly regime, in truth she really enjoys the nose rubs and licks my hands. 

Halle needs to bond with you and trust you before you can ask her to do anything. She is a nervous nelly but responds to gentleness. She often follows my other bully around copying him. She has never gone to the toilet inside or in her crate but I do ensure she goes for bathroom breaks right before bed time.

Halle loves brekky and dinner time (her daily portion is split into two halves), she loves her raw dinners and seems to be a tad sensitive to grain which was causing some redness around her paws but has now disappeared since feeding raw. She will give anything a go. She eats 300g per day (this includes 240g protein meat, 30g offal and 30g bone) plus kefir, apple cider vinegar daily and training treats. She also gets raw egg at least twice per week. It's cleaned up her teeth nicely, they are pearly white now. 

What Halle Bum’s needs

She needs a home where ideally someone is home alot. Perhaps a semi retired couple, she likes to know you are there. As long as she has another dog within eyeshot or is in her crate Halle wont fret while you duck to the shops. She has been learning to be calm and wait for your return, we are making progress in this area. You will need a good fence and secure yard as Halle will come looking for you and I recommend crating her when you aren’t home. She is perfectly happy to wait for you, if there are toys and a kong inside. You will need to start her obedience training as this girl was too scared to function so when she arrived in my home we focused on confidence and anxiety. She will copy my boy when he sits for treats though.

She needs someone who can show her the world can be loving and gentle, that she is safe, so often I catch myself stroking her face telling her she is safe, she likes this. I will be sad to see her go to new home but happy she will have her own humans. Be patient with her and she'll give you all of her little heart.

Rehoming number R251000061