Henry (M) - 2yrs

"Dear future fambully, my name is Henry and i just turned two years old. I'm from Wollongong and need a new home!"

"I'm dog-friendly with other dogs my size or smaller but I'm reactive toward larger breeds of dog. Before being surrendered, I lived in harmony with my fur brother of equal size and stature."

"I play a little rough so my playmate therefore needs to be tolerable, a submissive mate would be ideal but by nature I was the more submissive out of me and my fur brother. Also, I am the perfect gentleman on a lead."

"I'm gorgeous and gentle but i don't like animals of the feline persuasion and must therefore go to a cat-free home."

"I like kids they are loads of fun, we had a huuuuman boy at my last home and we always played.

"I know my basic commands sit, drop and stay (i never really stay for long though). I'm very food motivated."

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