Loco (F) - 6yrs (ON TRIAL)

Hola como estas, mi nombre es Loco!

Hello, how are you? My name is Loco. I'm a gorgeous 6yr old chica in need of a new home.

Loco has a beautiful temperament and is fantastic with children. She is a gentle giant who loves playing in the grass chasing lizards. 

Miss Loco won't jump up on you and she know's basic commands such as; sit, come and get it. We believe she would be best suited to a 'single dog only' home. She is however untested around cats but her foster mum assumes that she most likely would not like them.

Whilst Miss Loco does like to play she rarely barks but she does get lonely and will let out a little howl when she wants your cuddles, she LOVES cuddles and makes the best couch friend so be prepared to share your spot.

Loco likes to roam in and out of the house but she does prefer to be outdoors and generally won't come inside without being invited first. 

If you would like to invite Loco into your home and heart please fill out the application form below.