MAGGIE (F) DOB.. 14.08.2014


Meet Maggie the sweetest of girls you will ever know.

She loves walks & exploring with her nose and prefers company of another dog or two.

While here she has met & made friends with a Beagle, Mastiff and of course other Bull terriers.

Travels in the car quite well, loves her food but doesn’t think much of toys…

Maggie loves walks and is fine on a leash or she is quite happy to just sniff & explore the yard as long as it very secure

She will do regular perimeter checks. Because she loves to explore.

But will always return to make sure you haven’t disappeared on her.

She loves the company of humans although will awkwardly try to sit on your lap,

Stands on your foot while you are getting dinner ready, will bark when you are not moving fast

enough to let her out to play.

Doesn’t mind being in the house but can be unsure at first till she finds her way around, Likes to

have a kennel that is all her own.

YES Maggie is a Bull Terrier part clown, part puppy but as loving as they come and is ready for a

family to call her own.

Maggie simply loves company and while she gets along well with 2 & 4 legged humans she will take

her time settling in with her fur brothers or sisters.

But once she is completely comfortable will Bullie bounce and jump to play with them.

Maggie is very ready for her furever home and has lots of love to give.