Moon Pie

WOW…. Everyone, this is Moonpie. This gorgeous girl is 12-18 months old. Moonpie is a very active girl and would get along well with another active dog. She is currently living with a bully fur-brother, also 18 months old, and they can’t get enough of each other! She is also good with livestock and horses. She knows basic obedience (sit, wait, and drop) and loves her crate as a safe haven at bed time - she’s also happy to share her crate with her fur-brother (so cutes!!). She is ok on the lead (we use a halti or easy walk harness to curb some of her enthusiasm!), and is happy to walk side by side with her fur-brother too. She loves a long walk, and loves to climb, explore and scramble around in the bush given the chance! She’s a bit weary of the bath, although will put up with it given the right amount of fuss and attention! Her fear of water doesn’t extend to swimming though as she loves to go for a dip in the river. She’s great in the car being very content to look out the window and see what’s going on in the world. She has lived with kids as young as four in previous foster homes with no problems, but she can be a bit excitable, and her jumpy and active nature will just mean some supervision is required around the younger ones. Although definitely an active girl she loves a good snuggle in the evening, and is a perfect substitute for a hot water bottle on a cold night!! This gorgeous girl has so much love to give and can’t wait to meet her new fam-bully!