Nitro. (F) - 7yrs approx.

Heya everybody my name is Nitro and I’m new to rescue so my Fummies have asked me to say a few words.

I was living the hard life on the streets when the po po picked me up and stuck me in the clink! Lucky for me these Fummies seen me and paid my bail monies to get me out!

So now I am holed up in this shack with some other parolees and we gotta learn our new skilz before we can go to our new fambullies. I donts like to play nice with the other parolees so my Fummy says I can have a fambully all to myself when I am ready.

The grub in the clink was so bad I didn’t eat much of it BUT the grub at this new place WHOOOO it is soooo good I is eating like three times a day and we get these things called Treats………. I am suppose to do this thing called sit for them but Fummy she just laughs at me jumping around and gived dem to me anyway!

So once I get myself fat again with some new mad skillz I will be ready for my new fambully. I am gunna be real picky with dis one though I want the good life; lounge, king size bed, unlimited treats, cuddles, kisses etc so if you fink you and me should chat drop my Fummies a message or fill out the form below!

The below image gallery show's Nitro's journey with us. From left to right, most recent playing at the Luv-a-bull BnB, a happy playful girl compared to the day she was picked up from the pound.