JD (M) - yrs

Looking for a sweet young bully to make your own, meet the super sweet and charismatic JD. He is a lovely little boy who just adores people.

JD would suit a home with older children just as he may be a bit too boisterous for the younger littler ones. Unfortunately this little prince is unsure what to do around other dogs and therefore his reaction can be excitement arousal which can often tilt over to aggressive behaviour depending on the other dogs reaction.

Being so young and eager to please we feel he would benefit from additional socialisation with an experienced trainer which may help this nervous nelly relax around other puppers and socialise in the correct manner.

JD loves balls, old go-kart tyres and toys. He LOVES exercise, walks fairly well on lead (in quite areas) but can be reactive when see’s another animal.

So if you think this handsome spunk can fill a spot on your lounge and in your home please fill out the form below.