So, back in May of last year I was looking at the NSWBTR page when a delightful little photo appeared saying urgent foster carer needed. As I already had another rescue bully, I thought why not help this little one out. So I contacted rescued and organised to take this little rascal in until she could find a more permanent home. I drove to Sydney a few days later to break this little girl out of gaol. Rhonda had been in the pound for a month and was not coping well in that environment. Boy was she so excited to get out of there. We chatted all the home on the 2.5 hr drive back to my farm in the hunter valley. On arrival she was introduced to my 3 other dogs and immediately fitted straight in. Over the following months it became apparent that Rhonda had found her forever home and didn't want to live anywhere else. I couldn't see her living back in suburbia as she is so active. Now she spends her days running around the farm, swimming in the dams, chasing the birds and playing with her 3 siblings without a care in the world. I am grateful Rhonda chose to live with us as shehas matured into a loving, sociable well behaved little fur baby and very best friend with Gwen my other rescue baby.