Riley (M) - 7yrs


Riley is a sweet seven year old boy who loves nothing more than to hang out with his fambully.

He is house trained and is definitely an indoor boy though he does love to do a little sunbathing. He aims to please, so he does what he is asked, sits for his food and is very gentle when taking treats.

 Riles loves to sleep in his crate, is gentle around children and he enjoys car rides but needs to be in a harness or he is all over the car due to being excited. He loves a game of soccer and lots of cuddles.

Riley is quite strong on lead but enjoys his walks. He is interested in seeing other dogs on his walk but is probably not dog park ready. He is good with other dogs after slow introductions. We don't believe he has lived with other dogs before therefor we are recommending he not share his new fambully.

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