Rusty - (M) nearly 2yrs


So here he is! 36 kg of handsomeness bull terrier. 
Rusty is a one of a kind, super special kinda boy, hes a loving boy most suited to be by your side all day long if he can, just you and him.
He is not too fussed on long walks, (lazyyy bum) but if your willing to go for a stroll, hes happy to go too. He absolutely loves the car and will travel anywhere with you. Hes inquisitive, loyal, and a happy go lucky goofball.... If you are looking for a hole to fill in your heart then filled by a young gent Rusty is the dog for you, he will need your undivided love and attention, hes easily excited around young kids, but fine with older kids.
He is dog social but best suited to being an only furbaby.