Teeka (F) - nearly 3

Bull Terrier

DOB - 28/03/2016

Miss Teeka is a very special little girl, emphasis on little.  At just 14kgs this red and white beauty is a featherweight in size but if she trusts you she is larger than life at making sure she gets what she wants, when she wants it.  Although very very fearful of new people, Teeka is fairly comfortable with dogs but prefers humans - so the right person/people will need a lot of one-on-one with her before she meets any dog/s as ultimately she will choose you before she allows you to bond with her.  Be prepared it may take many visits over a number of weeks for her to get to the point she's comfortable to approach you on her own.  

I can say that when she chooses you though, she will love you unlike anything else.  I've been blessed to be her number 1 so far and she's very quick to be first in line and push past Kruiza and Grungle to dominate my time, lap and affection every time. Once the trust is there she wholeheartedly wants love and attention and is SUPER excited to see you when you've been apart.

The Fun Stuff

She loves tuggies and rope toys and will happily play on her own or with a playmate - however she's very very rough and tumble once she's comfortable with other dogs, so she needs a big and tolerant playmate.  She hasn't got the hang of balls or playing with toys with people yet - we're working on it.  She is fit as a fiddle and very active so needs lots of exercise - she could easily be walked 5ks a day without breaking a sweat.  Her lead etiquette is still non-existent but she is getting braver with being away from the house (with the boys) and starting to get the hang of what 'walkies' is all about.  Water doesn't bother her in the slightest and she'll happily run through a sprinkler or around in the rain as though it wasn't there.  She's currently going through the 'puppy stage' so everything has chew potential unless you tell her otherwise - this will include play biting at arms and legs, so we're working hard on these boundaries at the moment (I have the bruises to prove it).  She is a licky girl too, so be prepared for a few robust little tongue baths if you're in her reach.

Dinner time would have to be up there with her most favourite time of the day and we currently have her on a 50/50 mix of raw beef/chicken necks and BlackHawk Chicken and Rice kibble with veggies and a range of food supplements.  She gets the concept of Sit but hasn't mastered it on her own yet, however she will wait while you hold her chest and push her bottom down saying Sit! before she can eat.  That being said she's quite vocal if you take too long to put her bowl down, happily jumping around and yipping at you to Hurry Up!  She's also more than happy to bash on her crate door yelling at you first thing in the morning if she hears you move around the house and not come to let her out within 32 seconds.  You'll be rewarded with the wriggliest, lickiest, happiest jump all over you little girl when you do let her out though - so it's really all worth it.

The Tough Stuff

She has a really strong prey trigger with certain high pitched and squeaky sounds, so she isn't suitable for a home with children under 10, cats and small animals.  Squeaky toys will also need to be off the toy agenda (sorry if it's a fave with your pooch) as she is very reactive and it takes a lot to calm her down once the sound ceases.  Partly due to this, we now make a point of crating her when we're not home as we're not sure what would happen if she was triggered around the boys while we weren't home.  We regularly crate her overnight too, to ensure she's getting rest in her safe place.  She still has a lot of fear around things, sometimes you won't have any idea what that will be and will find her hiding in, under or behind something.  Her first reaction is always to flee, but if you're her person once she's taken flight and stopped she will stay where she is so you can approach and reassure her.  Her crate is definitely a safe space and she will probably always seek this out, so it's important to keep a crate available to her at all times.  She is very very wary of people - she wants to be okay and she'll wag her tail furiously - but her anxiety escalates quickly when more than 1 unknown person is around her, moreso if people approach her when she isn't ready/doesn't want it.  She will take a long time to get through this, if she gets through it at all.  Anything new sets off her anxiety fairly quickly - from a change in environment, to noise, to cars, to spaces in the house, to new people - she needs a lot of time and understanding as you both adjust to her triggers.  She has been desexed and her vaccinations are up to date as at February, however she is currently on a supplement for anxiety and she will probably need to keep having this (in her food) for a little while yet.  She also sees a mobile vet who comes to our home, as car rides and a vet clinic are very daunting for her.  If she gets spooked, her first instinct is to bolt, then freeze, then she begins circling and panting - it takes quite a while to calm her down and soothe her out of it once she starts the cycle.

Her ideal home would be with an active couple who work from home or are semi-retired/retired and can give her all the attention and exercise she needs.  She does love dogs and would be great with a companion, but she is very drawn to people and needs to find her forever person.  As you can see from reading above, there is a lot of work to do and only time and patience can help her overcome this.  As one of the 110 from Gladstone, it goes without saying that she will always need extra time, patience and love.  There are no guarantees of how far she can get, but she has come such a long way so far.  The key thing is her forever home will need to make her needs a priority and be prepared to adapt to her existing and ongoing triggers.

You make think it's a little strange to be putting up an adoption profile for Teeka when there is so much still to do with her but please allow me to explain.  Teeka is driven by people, not dogs.  The longer she stays with me, the harder it will be for her to bond with someone else so we need to start the journey with her now so we can take our time to help her transition to her new home.  We are not putting her up for adoption to go to a new home tomorrow, far from it - doing this now is in the hope that we can start some meet and greets at her pace.  She tends to go back in her shell for at least 24 hours after meeting someone new.  Once she finds her person/people we can then move towards familiarising her with them regularly so she feels settled with them before she moves to her new home.  With all this in mind, Teeka will need to find her home close to Brisbane and with a person/people who are happy to go on the journey with her until she's ready to move home with them - it's going to take someone pretty special, so I can't wait to meet you.