Hai eberyone! Mai name is Tempa and I…. *skuse me*…. Mai Fummy has gone to the KITCHEN! Shes making sumfing. I better make sure she no needs mai helps. Yoo know, so da floor doesn’t get messy.

Ok, I back.

So, mai name is Tempa and I am 3 hooman years old. Before I was rescued I used to live in a concrete cage and mai only toy was da foods bowl. Sooooo I used to chew mai bowl a lots and now I has no teefs.

Iz also da youngest retire-a-bull cos mai heart murmers or sumfing (Dad splained it but said not to worries so I doesn’t) So dats ok!

I has a luvly warm house and soft bed so my callouses are all gone – Iz pretty again!

An I know my Fummy and Dad luvs me very much. I iz a sweet girl and only makes noise when my Dad sneaks up on my while im sleepings (humph). But dats ok cos he takes me for walks, we play in da waters an play ball but mosts importantly – Dad feeds me, an dats why I loves him. Den afters, I snug with my Fummy on the couch and watch moobies. I fink there aren’t enuff doggos in moobies.

Cos you are a lubly hooman and have read all about me, I woulds be very grateful if you could have a look at mai sponsor page. I found stuff on the interwebs that I would love very much! (and Santa Paws doesn’t do mid-year deliveries, Iz already checked)

Thanks-yoo! Xox Tempa