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Bull terriers are a strong, powerful breed and can be dominating. They require their master to be of a calm and assertive demeanour and to have patience, while rules, boundaries are routines are being established.
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Adoption Terms & Conditions

NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc (NSWBTR Inc.) Terms and Conditions

Updated 5 August 2016

  • The following Terms and Conditions apply to any animal from NSWBTR Inc. Bull Terrier Rescue Qld and Pets for Vets are part of NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc (NSWBTR Inc) and as such, are covered by the same Terms and Conditions.
  • All animals remain the property of NSWBTR Inc. throughout any foster and/or trial period.
  • Ownership of the animal will only be transferred to the new owner after the agreed trial period.
  • Any adoption fee must be paid in full prior to the animal being sent on trial.
  • If a foster dog is being adopted, the agreed adoption fee must be paid in full prior to the ownership of the animal being transferred from NSWBTR Inc.
  • I agree that the Bull Terrier is being fostered/adopted for myself and will not be sold, adopted, or given to another party.
  • I agree that the dog will not be allowed off my premises unsupervised.
  • When taking the dog out or travelling by car, I shall remain vigilant and he/she will be secured by a harness and/or collar and lead and will wear an ID tag.
  • I agree that the dog will be a companion animal and will live as part of my family, he/she will not be used as a guard or hunting dog.
  • I agree to care for the dog in a humane manner. This includes providing adequate, food, water, shelter, attention and veterinary care.
  • I understand and agree, that it is a NSWBTR Inc requirement that the dog is desexed prior to any adoption being finalised.
  • I have read, understood and will abide by the Foster/Adoption Guidelines provided on the NSWBTR Inc website.
  • I agree that if I have any training issues or difficulties with the dog, I will contact NSWBTR Inc for advice and will return the dog to NSWBTR Inc on their request.
  • I agree that if the dog is rehomed as an only pet, I will not attempt to bring other animals into the home.
  • If the dog is rehomed with another pet, I agree to carefully supervise them when they are together and will not leave them alone together until I am confident that there will be no conflict.
  • I understand that the dog may need extra patience and understanding and I agree to allow the dog a reasonable time to adjust to new surroundings.
  • I will allow a NSWBTR Inc representative to make periodic visits to my home during any foster care or trial period.
  • I understand and agree that NSWBTR Inc will only cover pre approved veterinary expenses for the dog, by a NSWBTR Inc authorised Veterinarian. NSWBTR Inc will not reimburse any unauthorized expenses.
  • I shall continue to communicate with NSWBTR Inc regarding the progress and welfare of the dog.
  • I agree to keep NSWBTR Inc updated with my current contact details.
  • I agree that if at any point I am unable to keep the dog, I will return him/her to NSWBTR Inc, without requesting a fee.
  • I agree that there will be a minimum of a two week trial period prior to any adoption, longer if rehoming with other animals or as deemed suitable by NSWBTR Inc. During this time I shall take full responsibility for the dog and will abide by the NSWBTR Inc guidelines, terms and conditions.
  • I understand and agree, that although every dog adopted has been tested for temperament & behaviour, I agree to foster/take on trial/adopt the dog at my own risk and indemnify and release NSWBTR Inc, its director and volunteers, of any and all liability arising from damages to person(s) or property caused by the dog.
  • I agree that NSWBTR Inc remain as a second contact on the microchip details of the dog.
  • I agree that the dog will only ever be given to NSWBTR Inc. This applies for the lifetime of the dog. He/she will never be surrendered to or sold to any other person or organisation.
  • I agree that all statements on this form are true. If it is found that any statements are untrue, the adopted dog may be confiscated.
  • By submitting an application I am agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.

I have read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions of this agreement and agree that it is not arbitrary and that provisions herein, are common in pet adoption agreements. I further understand, that if I fail to comply with any of the Terms specified herein, NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc (NSWBTR Inc) has the right to reclaim the dog and to enforce this contract in a court of law.