When our bully cross, Eddie, passed away in October 2015 it was only a matter of weeks before we desperately needed to fill the bully shaped hole in our lives. And then we found NSW BTR and Vinnie, aka Terror Number One!

Vinnie came to stay with us on 25 November 2015, just before his first birthday, and has definitely been a handful at times, but we wouldn’t have him any other way (except maybe for the shoe chewing!!). Vinnie is still young and still very much learning, but we’re making progress all the time, and at least he’s got his good looks to fall back on if all else fails!!

Vinnie lives for attention; whether you’re a human or a dog Vinnie will be desperate to play with you, and he absolutely adores everyone!  He’s an extremely social dog so it can be hard when people take a look at the breed and choose to avoid us, but he never lets it dampen his spirits and always manages to find a buddy or two to play with! He loves his bush walks (on a cool day!), and of course bully spinning and bolting round the house and garden - hours of entertainment for all! Definitely living the bull dream!

Vinnie was one of the lucky ones and didn’t spend too much time in foster care before he came to live with us, but there are many out there who haven’t been as fortunate. If you’re able to open up your home to a bully, adoption is definitely the way to go, they bring you so much joy and entertainment, and of course unconditional love! And NSW BTR are a great organization, once you adopt from them you’ll be part of a great community of bully lovers with loads of support and events to keep you occupied (if your bully hasn’t worn you out already!).